Written, composed and produced by SHRIDUNA. Live-recorded at Kreativ-Sound Tonstudio, Switzerland. Engineered and mixed by Matthias and Martin Weidmann. Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochamber. Design & Artwork by Lukas Ackermann, Andreas Spörri and Boris Stoll ( Handmade in Switzerland. © SHRIDUNA 2014

Mathias Hauser {Guitars, Vocals, Keys}
Yannick Schmutz {Drums, Percussion}
Benedict Schönenberger {Bass}
Guest: Mirella Steiner {Cello}

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QUASAR (Vinyl Album)
Where Evil Hides (09:34)
Manufactured Purpose (06:23)
Until Death Is Curable (06:29)
Quick-Sand-Castle (10:42)
Disappear, Dissolve, Happy (11:29)
Zäuerli (Bonus-Track) (13:01)

Tawny (05:56)
Manon (06:06)
Dystopia (06:41)
Live-recorded, engineered and mixed by Florentin Züst at Blackbox Studios, Switzerland. Produced by Mathias Hauser and Yannick Schmutz. All songs written by Mathias Hauser. Mastered by Florentin Züst. Handmade in Switzerland. © SHRIDUNA 2012

Mathias Hauser
{Guitars, bass, loopstation, effects, compositions and artwork}

Yannick Schmutz
{Drums and percussion}

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Intro (3:26)
Father Whale (Searching His Lost Son) (14:16)
Dream Of Being Chased And Killed (5:23)
This Empire Will Destroy You And Your Family (8:13)
Diving Into The Deepest Ocean Without Seeing Anything (10:39)
No One Hurts But Me (Polybreath) (6:11)